What started as a hobby of youthful indiscretion, in 15 years turned into a lifelong passion, mission and vocation. In order to make people smile and think, I travel across the world with a spray in my hand.

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Aruba 2019

Aruba 2019 What can I say about this mural in Aruba? When you´re visiting this small island 4 years in the raw, people on the streets of San Nicola [...]

Festival Of Lights Berlin

Festival Of Lights Berlin Using the columns on the building, I created the imaginary Roman numeral 3, which illustrates the 3 decades since the fal [...]

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These short videos documenting my life traveling and painting in the world, from my first invitation to the US over Russia’s Siberia to the war zone in Israel.

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Art over war

This project is taking place in Israel, along with the world’s best writers I recognized this country and witnessed the consequences of the conflict.

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Way Out

Going with your friends on a month long journey through the Scandinavian countries is an unforgettable experience. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany

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Write For Freedom

My biggest project, which took place on a two-month tour through Eastern Europe. In cooperation with Amnesty International, which…

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Custom paintings are an integral part of my work. From international companies to private individuals, I offer my clients both creative and commercial artwork. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from photorealistic paintings, to abstract, 3D to anamorphic paintings (the effect of optical illusion) in the exterior and interior.