Breaking point for me came at age 16 when I first spied graffiti magazine. The neighborhood wasn´t happy about my new hobby, but I was so fascinated by the painting process that I continued in it. Suddenly I painted bigger and better pieces, I started experimenting with 3D techni and photorealism.

I was full-aged and had bigger problems with the law so I left these activities and focused on the quality of my work. The streets are still my galleries. I made several trips on my own around europe, the largest of which was a 2-month journey in the project with Amnesty International, where I painted a huge walls with human rights issues. I became known, but not satisfied. After graduating from college, I went to Canada for a year, but practically I was there for a short time because I had a job all over the world. The biggest success, which I never dreamed was an invitation to paint the main wall at the New York Hall of Fame, so I was the first Czech in the Hall of Fame, the place where graffiti culture originated.

Since then, I have been traveling and living with what I enjoy. I leave my message to others and even if it sounds naive, changing this world to a better place is my goal.

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The Czech sprayer creates in the Golan Heights. Like a canvas, he use the ruins of the Syrian base.

On a Mission Within Earshot of a War, Armed With Paint


Praga, un murale in memoria della vittime de Parigi.