Aruba Art Fair 2018

Aruba Art Fair 2018 Anansi is famous character in Carribean and West African tales about half man, half spider, who is known for s [...]

Crying Masaryk

Crying Masaryk Today is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic. It is a reason for celebration, but also a reason to [...]


Helsinki It was my first time that the Czech Ambassador picked me up at the airport. I felt like a VIP 🙂 I stepped out to Passila [...]

Sweden – Arboga

Sweden - Arboga A small, ancient town, where I used to count the inhabitants on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps it was because of t [...]

Tizarte Antwerp

Tizarte Antwerp Festival When I arrived at the second largest port in Europe, I did not know that I would meet so many familiar face [...]


Vote for Chemis! Fortunately I was selected for the semifinals of the coolhunters talent competition, to get to the final, I need [...]

Hasslo festival – Sweden

Hasslo festival – Sweden. Again, I drive across Sweden to a festival where I do not know a single artist. For the first time I am sl [...]

Save the bees

Save the bees! I made this theme at the waterworks building near Prague Flora, which maintains so-called insect hotels. Bees are fac [...]

Aruba Art Fair

Aruba Art Fair The first annual international festival not only of street art, but also of fashion and crafts you can visit on this [...]


Dukla Prague At Juliska stadium you can see two new paintings ordered by the Defense Ministry for Dukla Prague. The first is displa [...]

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