Aruba 2019

Aruba 2019 What can I say about this mural in Aruba? When you´re visiting this small island 4 years in the raw, people on the stre [...]

Festival Of Lights Berlin

Festival Of Lights Berlin Using the columns on the building, I created the imaginary Roman numeral 3, which illustrates the 3 deca [...]

New Škoda SCALA

New Škoda SCALA When Skoda Auto approached me for its campaign to introduce the new SCALA, I was thrilled because I was naturally [...]

On the way to the airport

On the way to the airport More green energy and nature to cities! How great it would be to have resources that we would just pour [...]


Sunblock Unfortunately, I am skeptical about the fact that people will change and begin to appreciate and respect nature. The mate [...]

Aruba Art Fair 2018

Aruba Art Fair 2018 Anansi is famous character in Carribean and West African tales about half man, half spider, who is known for s [...]

Crying Masaryk

Crying Masaryk Today is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic. It is a reason for celebration, but also a reason to [...]


Helsinki It was my first time that the Czech Ambassador picked me up at the airport. I felt like a VIP 🙂 I stepped out to Passila [...]

Sweden – Arboga

Sweden - Arboga A small, ancient town, where I used to count the inhabitants on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps it was because of t [...]

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