Crying Masaryk

Today is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic. It is a reason for celebration, but also a reason to think. Each anniversary attracts to speak about the light and dark periods. I am glad that my painting Masaryk unleashed the discussion. The opportunity to speak freely and to discuss with each other is fundamental to democracy. What our country became and where it is directed, among other things, isreflected by the representatives we elect, including the values they hold. They are therefore mirroring our society. Let us, therefore, approach ourselves (the individuals) responsibly to this state, so that the next generation does not have to cry.

As T.G.M. said, democracy has its mistakes because citizens have their mistakes. I wish the next 100 years to be prosperous, the education to grow, modesty with respectability was not a surplus of the current time, but on the contrary, to grow in people.

Plačící Masaryk
work in progress

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