Unfortunately, I am skeptical about the fact that people will change and begin to appreciate and respect nature. The material value drastically exceeds the value of everything alive. Politicians and companies often overlook the impact of their activities in pursuit of profit. Deal with these consequences then remains on ordinary people and their children. I also see our arrogance when we recycle home waste and expect that our debt to animals and trees is balanced. I am so glad that there has been a debate recently and pressure that I hope will lead to a change in attitude towards the resources we draw from and the way we make, grow and breed. Therefore, I created a painting that tries to reflect all this and gives space for a brief, individual reflection. Draws attention to what global warming and pollution could lead to. What do you think – are we in an irreversible phase and a vicious circle, or is there a chance for a better turn? (I would like to thank Sunblock company for the opportunity and the support.)

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