Project Description

This project is taking place in Israel, along with the world’s best writers I recognized this country and witnessed the consequences of the conflict. The aim was to bring hope, optimism and inspiration to the devastated places, and especially to the children’s souls, regardless of their religion.


A little doctor. The painting that was built in front of a bombed hospital in the Golan Heights is a girl who cares for a wound wall that has holes from bullets. This painting has become world-famous, for example, in the New York Times.


Each one teach one – is the name of a painting at a primary school in Netanya.


Painting on a wall separating Gaza and Israel in the Kerem Shalom settlement. During the painting, we felt the trembling of the soil, when the Egyptian army bombed the tunnels on the border, and although we had big ladders, we had a ban on the wall because of the possible snipers. There is a school in the village that also serves as a missile cover, but we were told that if we hear a siren, we have to lie down on the floor because a missile would fall in a few seconds.


The Holy Sprayer is an iconic painting inside a destroyed hospital in the Golan Heights.


Turtle – at Ashkelon Primary School.