Project Description

These short videos documenting my life traveling and painting in the world, from my first invitation to the US over Russia’s Siberia to the war zone in Israel.

4. Episode – New York

New York – I had the honor to paint the main wall in the Hall of Fame, in the place where the origins of graffiti dated.

New York – Painting with the legends Shiro and Ces in Tuff city.

3. Episode – Baton Rouge 2 (USA)

Baton Rouge – As part of the history of the struggle for equality in America, I painted Harriet Tubman.

2. Episode – Vancouver (Canada)

Vancouver (Canada) – Homer Simpson in Vancouver

Vancouver (Canada) – I had the chance to paint the legendary school bus.

Vancouver (Canada) – The other side of the bus.

Vancouver (Canada) – Ernest Hemingway – Chemis, old man and the sea.

  1. Episode – Baton Rouge (USA)

Baton Rouge (USA) – The painting from my first international invitation was created at the Museum of Public Art.

New Orleans (USA) – In cooperation with the local writer CYK.

Baton Rouge (USA) – Darryl and Thad, two local.