Project Description

My biggest project, which took place on a two-month tour through Eastern Europe. In cooperation with Amnesty International, which I wanted to support with this project and tried to point out human rights issues in the form of graffiti to the general public. Petr and Dominique, whom I did not know before, have voluntarily added to the project to document it. During the journey we formed a wonderful team, who coped with the difficulties many times.

Budapest – Torture of prisoners in Guantánamo.

Petition is not just a piece of paper. Painting to support writing letters and appeals by Amnesty International.

Oversight of conflicts in Africa.

Thessaloniki – Greece / Painting on the issue of drug addicts.

Belgrade – Memorial of a young man shot in Athens. Originally, the painting wast started at the University of Thessaloniki. The reason why it was finished here you can see in the documentary.

Košice / Painting highlights a large number of suicide attacks

Belgrade – censorship in the media. In collaboration with local writers – Junk / Leon / Sarin

Vienna – a painting depicting child abuse.

The first painting “Write for freedom” originated at the United Colors festival in Havířov. Together with Slovak, Polish and Czech writers, we protested against the then Workers’ Party.

Debrecen-Hungary / Painting detail Recycle! The golfer shots the plastic bottle in a container, the wall is really long in real life.

Prague – Against the Fascist Supporters.

Krakow – Memorial to Holocaust Victims.

Košice – Painting depicting the abuse of women.

Kosice – The eyes of all people in the world may differ in color, but the color of the blood is the same.

Against oil companies that destroy the country.

Skopje – Enjoy freedom.

Prague – Painting for Tibet.

At the Trutnov festival, this painting called for a common effort to change.

Prague – The latest painting of the project Write for freedom. As part of the Amnesty Interational campaign to ban child labor.