Any UFC fans here?

If you belong to them, you have certainly heard of SBG, this world-famous Irish gym represents stars like Connor McGregor. As they are so successful, they have opened a new branch of SBG Tallaght in Dublin. I had absolutely free hands to make a design on this giant wall, where I spent 9 night shifts, the last of which was 18 hours long, which is actually night and day. But after hard work, there is also big satisfaction. A lot of thanks go to the agency, Add more colors, and the entire SBG team!

After opening Europe’s largest Mixed Martial Arts Facility in June of this year our company needed a Mural that would not only decorate but also enhance the atmosphere for all our members and visitors.

We were very lucky to have the Chemis  team travel over to us here in Ireland and dedicate a full week of long nights and a lot of hard work and skill to produce a Mural that not only amazed us but is still being talked about by members and visitors alike.

Not a single person visits our gym without commenting on the Mural and Chemis was excellent at taking on board our needs and ideas and creating something that is truly one of a kind.
The level of professionalism and experience was extremely high and we can’t recommend them enough.


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